Tuesday, December 15, 2009

love love love and love .

the rules of love <3>

kiss on the lips means i love you
kiss on the ear means ur special
kiss on the nose means laughter
kiss on cheek means friendship
kiss on the forehead means i comfort you
kiss on the neck means i want you
kiss on the shoulder means ur wonderful
kiss anywhere esle ? hahhh ? opsss be careful okayy , haha
play around with hair meas cant live without you
holding hands means happiness
arms around waist means i need you
a hug means i care
smiling at each other means i like you very much
looking aroud means hiding a true feeling
tender kiss on the side of you lips means youre mine
tear drop means i losing you
crying means i lost you

tadaaaaa :(:)

Terima kasih kerana sudi membaca, chalobeteh :)

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